Pshenichnyi Fedir is a sports doctor and rehabilitologist. He is also a dietitian, who develops diets for professional sportsmen and for people who heal themselves going through the rehabilitation with the help of healthy food.

He is a participator of a lot of seminars concerning the subject of fringe medicine, nutrition and healthy way of life. He has completed the studies connected with non-traditional medical methods in the International fund «Help yourself» (Russia) and has also been getting the knowledge at the seminars and educational courses in the International union of the postgraduate education in the sphere of alternative medicine. Moreover, he has visited Tibet and learned the Tibetan psychic surgeons’ healing methods. Fedir has been to the Holy Mount Athos, where he had a chat with Orthodox healers, shared his experience and learned a lot from them.

Fedir is a sportsman, the USSR Master of Sport of International grade, the Master of Sport of Modern pentathlon, swimrun and other multisport activities. He used to be a prizewinner of a lot of multinational and All-Union competitions. Unfortunately, after finishing his sports career, like a lot of sportsmen he stopped taking care of his health. Because of the unhealthy lifestyle he got a whole bunch of diseases. Finding himself on the life & death edge, he chose to fight diseases. With God’s help he was victorious and fought it back. After that he started fighting for the healthy way of life and for other people’s health. Fedir does the martial arts, is an honorable president of the International Federation Arashi-Do and a holder of the «Honorable Black Belt». Likewise since 2012 he has been participating in swimming competitions in «Masters» category (the international veteran swimmers’ movement).

At his age he has become a record-holder of Ukraine and a prize-winner as well as a champion of a lot of international competitions. Fedir is sure that with healing your spirit you are able to cure any kind of a disease. In other words, when a doctor is helping out with diseases curing procedure, he/she should take care not only of outer, but also inner, not only the shallow, but the deep, not only the corporal, but the spiritual. The main doctor’s goal is to restore the unity of the organism and to teach a person to live life in harmony with himself/herself and with the surrounding world. Humankind will search for answers on those and on a lot of different questions until people will start to listen to the words of the Holy One who commanded to heal the spirit, not a body.

Even today the classical medicine agrees on the fact that 70% of diseases are caused by psychosomatic disorders. Fedir is sure that his experience may be useful for those, who don’t want to surrender in front of the face of diseases. Let your companion on this road be faith in God, your will and knowledge. This way you will be able to wake up the healing forces of the body and start the saving mechanism of health for lots of years.

Cancer is not an incurable disease. The author’s new book is a unique one: it contains the description of oncological diseases, healing tips and procedures with the help of which you will be able to get rid of this horrifying disease. Also there are different ways of how to save and straighten your health for lots of years. In the author’s opinion, there’s a strong connection between a person’s spiritual world and his/her health. He will also tell us about the usage of the curative properties of food.